Aqua Grand Water Purifier

Provides The Best Water Purifiers for Home in India



Product Description: 

Aqua Grand: Harsh Aqua water purifier makes healthy living a way of life with the Aqua Grand water purifier. This is one of the best water purifiers in Mumbai and many other cities in India, you will be keeping your family safe from diseases. This purifier also allows the water to remain colorless and odorless. Filtering process with its RO+UV+TDS+PH purification method, this water purifier is a smart choice for smart homes.

The trusted brand of Water Purifier in Mumbai believes in delivering safe and clean water across the city. Its main purpose is to prevent the consumer from any disease by purifying germs and bacteria present in the water. Making it a user-friendly product it is easy to install and pours fresh water for the consumers to drink and live a healthy life.


Rs. 15,990/-

Flow Rate Flow Rate
Power Ring 24 Watts
Ampere 2.5 amps
Tank Capacity 12 Ltr.
Installation Wall Mounted / Table Top
Purification 7 Stages
Purification of TDS 90 – 95%
Input Water Temp. Min 5*C – Max 40*C

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