Aqua Camry Water Purifier

Provides The Best Water Purifiers for Home in India



Product Description: 

Aqua Camry:  Aqua Camry is among the best water purifiers that are used in homes and offices. It has to give pure water in a day and also has a storage tank. So, you get enough water to drink and cook and prepare tea coffee, etc. We are offering Aqua Camry an affordable price. Technology provides purification of RO+UV+TDS+PH. Here is the best water purifier for home.

Harsh Aqua Camry

Rs. 15,990/-

Flow Rate 10 to 12 Ltr/Hrs.
Power Ring 24 Watts
Ampere 2.5 amps
Tank Capacity 12 Ltr.
Installation Wall Mounted / Table Top
Purification 7 Stages
Purification of TDS 90 – 95%
Input Water Temp. Min 5*C – Max 40*C

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